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Are you ready to experience Takaturna energy?

Sei pronto a vivere l’energia Takaturna?

A concentrate of innovation, energy, originality: are you ready to enter the Takaturna vortex?

Transparency, sustainability, shared values.Welcome to Takaturna

Takaturna is a new brand of Italian clothing designed for all those who love to be part ofa dynamic, energetic, vital, and inclusive lifestyle. Our project was created with very specific goals, one of which is to be transparent. This direction removes us from the purely commercial philosophy of other brands and commits us to respect the rights of all people to liberty, equality, and freedom from discrimination.

The second goal we have set ourselves is to be sustainable. The quality of the selected 100% made in Italy raw materials together with the internal production processes allows us to maintain total control over the supply chain and to create products of the highest level, products destined to last over time, using recycled and recyclable raw materials wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we prefer to say so.

This brings us to our third goal: to create a community consisting of passionate people, who live the way they wantand are united in shared values and missions.

Takaturna:style, fit and uncompromising quality

At Takaturna, thesearch for a simple and ergonomic style was discovered by a look back intime to the ancient concept of kinetic cutting, which was brought back to life by a French costume designer. We have developed this further and created an innovative cutting system that ensures freedom of movement and comfort, while at the same time changing the way people feel when they adapt to a more inclusive and energetic way of life. Find out more about the Takaturna kinetic cut.

The Takaturna logo

We now come to the Takaturna logo, which has intrigued people so much. The T symbol shows exactly whowe are and how our project is closely connected to nature. The letter T is the star of the show, positioned in plain sight in front and centre: it is the letter that scientists use to refer to energy, and which is often used as an abbreviation for "temperature". We like both points of view, as both elements have important implications in our world.

And the spiral? Wehave chosen the six-pointed spiral because we believe it shows ourvalues perfectly ​​and is aninspiration for our creativity. Spirals are in fact found everywhere in the natural world, from the DNA double helix to seashells, from animal horns totornadoes, from vortexes to galaxies. 

In short, where there is nature, there is Takaturna, A Force for Nature. Are you ready to come on our journey withus?

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